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Monastery in Mesto Albrechtice

A complex of buildings includes historicizing construction elements. It was built in 1930´s. The monastery belongs to the Order of Merciful Sisters by Karel Boromejsky. It includes maternity house with a pseudobaroque shield, monastery church of the Holy Family, Novitiate, engine room, laundry and former Order hospital of Saint Karel. Local part of Mesto Albrechtice is also rich in construction curiosities and monuments.

Visitation of Virgin Mary Church in Mesto Albrechtice

The church was built in a late Baroque style and it is a significant dominant of Mesto Albrechtice. It was built in the place of the first catholic temple from 1610, which burnt down in 1746. The present appearance comes from the last quarter of the 18th century. In terms of architecture, the most valuable is western frontage facing the square, highlighted by a tower. Paintings placed on altars were painted by Albert Adam and they come from the second half of the 19th century.

Saint Anna Column in Mesto Albrechtice

Jan Ambroz Kravutschke, who was a town councillor and merchant, had a Baroque column built at his own expense in 1719. Translated pedestal inscriptions say: Virgin Mary, forever We praise You, You are the one who accommodate the poor, the Mother of God. Let´s pay tribute to Great God as well as Christ. Forever have the patronage over Albrechtice, Holy Mother Anna.

Saint Jeronym Chapel in Hermanovice

Saint Jeronym Chapel is another sacral monument in the village, located just opposite the house number 10. There is a sandstone polychromated statue of a saint in a traditional cloth, carying a cross in his arms. It is a smallish life-sized statue and is placed on a squared pedestal, decorated with shell and volute-shaped objects and inscription 1778 HBC.

Text by: Village of Hermanovice

Parish Church of Saint Nicolas in Hyncice

A rich collection of religious monuments of Albrechtice region is represented by a parish complex of Saint Nicolas Church, a cemetery wall with a chapel and gate. The parish church was built as late as in 1782 and significantly represents late Baroque style.

Promotion of the Holy Cross Empire Church in Linhartovy

Promotion of the Holy Cross Empire Church is located southeast of the castle park. It was built between 1833 and 1834. All the local believers used to come to a Baroque church in Opavica, but soon after lost wars of heritage, the church found itself on the side of Opavica taken over by Prussians. Owing this fact, decision was made to build up a new church close to Linhartovy castle.

Chapel at the crossroads near Biskupice

Based on the legend, local folk artists created this field chapel by the road between Mesto Albrechtice and Piskorov in the 18th century. There is a sitting area, parking and the start of a fairytale trail ”With a fairytale towards mole´s spring“ here. This is a favourite destination to attract both children and adults.

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